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I’m not saying that you have to love it all.

But, yes, you should love it all.
- Céline Sciamma

Christine Fang (she/her) is a Chinese-American actor with an MFA in Professional Acting from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (BOVTS) in the UK. Born in Shanghai, China and raised in Queens, NY, Christine has lived in four countries and trained in just as many, familiarizing herself with her body, mind and spirit all the way from France to Malaysia.


As a first-generation Chinese-American, Christine learned English by watching films and television (Requiem for a Dream at age 7, what a choice!) which is how she realized she wanted to be in that screen, in that box with metal ears - living lives. As she grew and consumed a mess of art and content and became a jack of all trades, master of none at film school, Christine began to understand what she hopes for in her own oeuvre. The live wire quality of theatre thrills her to her toes and her LOVE of arthouse films (everything on her cherished Mubi subscription and all A24 decisions) and HBO runs deep. She hopes to create and collaborate internationally in new works that interrogate difference without fear and reimagine classics that transcend time. Driven by this commitment, she continues to explore the BIPOC experience in her work: challenging the norms, championing the seemingly mundane, and unearthing the breadth of identity.


Previous roles include Isabella in Measure for Measure, Banquo in Macbeth, Marina in Pericles, Rosalind in As You Like It, Anya in The Cherry Orchard, Alison in Look Back in Anger, Teresa in Heroes of the Fourth Turning, and David in Balm in Gilead.


​Christine regards herself as an actor who can sing, if requested, and dance, whenever there is music on. She enjoys plunging into characters through music and vocal exploration and as a movement lover, she is most drawn to contemporary, jazz funk, and hip hop styles and has brought her dance fluency into her martial arts. Christine is a language enthusiast, luckily born into the Chinese language (big ups to those learning Chinese as a second language, she is not easy) and

grew up with American English to then traversing British English and French. She is currently learning Spanish in her down time and hopes from Spanish to gain an acquaintance of Italian. Christine loves handwritten notes on scratch paper, a sour IPA or a glass of red, and Spotify's personalized weekly mixes. Let's dance it out x

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